Resource management

Production of jams and fruit preparations is water and energy intensive, which is why efficient use of these resources is so important to us. For environmental and economic reasons, we continue to work on measures to reduce water, electricity and gas consumption and minimize refuse and waste water. Thanks to our traditional innovative expertise, we always find new solutions.

We have an internal energy management program to find innovative energy-saving solutions. This program led us to divert waste heat from the production process to heat administration facilities. Lastly, we recycle most of our refuse.

One ground-breaking resource management program involves innovative logistics efforts. In 1998, we set up a subsidiary in Aachen, employing a workforce of more than 100 people and a fleet of 70 temperature-controlled vehicles. Our flexible transport concept – using special trucks – ensures freshness and speed of delivery of all our products to the customer.

Since 2005, this logistics program and other measures have helped us reduce CO2 emissions by about 10 percent companywide. At our headquarters in Aachen alone, we have reduced thermal energy consumption by seven percent. One 2010 goal was to introduce new filter systems and reduce fresh water consumption by 10 percent. This innovative and environmentally-friendly project was being supported by the regional state of North Rhine Westphalia.

One primary corporate goal is to progressively optimize our entire production chain so that it is more environmentally friendly.