About us

Most consumers are familiar with Zentis brand fruit jams and marzipan specialities. But we also make delicious fruit preparations to flavor yogurts, cottage cheese and many other milk products. There is a good reason why Zentis is Europe’s leading fruit preparation company: We have specialized in the preparation of fruit and other natural products for more than 120 years.

Since 1893, our home has been in Aachen, Germany, and we honor our traditions. Meanwhile, our company promotes leading-edge innovation and global growth.

We are an international company with products distributed worldwide. In addition to our other branches, we have factories in Poland, Hungary and the United States.

Our varied product line is based on two principle types of production. First, we are Europe’s leading producer of innovative fruit preparations for the dairy industry. We collaborate with Europe’s well-known dairies and supply high quality fruit preparations and fruit pulp for their offerings. An industrial expert, we also supply the fruit preparations in numerous bakery and confectionery products. Second, we supply a wide range of quality jams, sweet spreads and confections directly to end consumers. Our success here clearly shows that our products appeal to consumer tastes.

The Zentis brand is well known for fruit jams. We are Germany’s second largest market leader and Zentis is an essential item on countless breakfast tables.

Our Zentis marzipan specialities also are a must, especially at Christmas and Easter. Our many years of expertise have made us the world market leader in marzipan confectionery.

We are growing and constantly seeking new challenges. Our success is based on innovative skills as well as our friendly and close customer relationships. We realize that our customers’ success is our success too.