Our prominent market position and our entrepreneurial success are based not least upon our consistent quality policies. We take the utmost responsibility in relation to food safety and food quality and commit ourselves explicitly to this responsibility. The goal of our efforts is to offer our customers quality and freshness far beyond customary market standards.

We only use the most carefully selected raw materials and should products not conform to our defined quality standards, then we uncompromisingly reject the goods. Care and experience in the handling of sensitive raw materials is as indispensable to us as strict microbiological controls. Our production process is largely automated to guarantee high quality and exacting standards of quality, thereby ensuring that only top-class quality products that are harmless in terms of health leave our company.

All of this takes place with the use of the latest technology, although technology cannot replace humans entirely - and when it comes to taste, consistency, colour and smell, our experienced expert staff are very much in demand. Alongside this, they also develop innovative new products in our laboratory.