Guiding principles

  • Zukunftsorientiert (Forward-looking
    We actively shape our own future. 

  • Engagiert (Committed
    We are totally committed to our customers, company and products.

  • Nachhaltig (Focused on the long-term
    We aim for long-lasting success and not short-term goals at the
    expense of future opportunities. 

  • Teamorientiert (Team oriented)
    We are the Zentis team. We treat each other and our customers fairly,
    openly and sympathetically.

  • Innovativ (Innovative
    Our success is based on innovative products and solutions as well as
    manufacturing and internal processes that lead our industries.

  • Stark (Strong and flexible
    We combine the power and expertise of a large company with the flexibility
    of a medium-sized enterprise and the independence of a family business.