We are a modern family business. We are not subject to the pressures of short-term profit plans. Instead, we base our strategic planning on medium and long-term organic growth. Over the years, this has turned Zentis into an internationally successful company that continues to expand. Even so, we are committed to keeping traditions and our core business. We will never forget our original roots even as evolve and move forward.

Our philosophy is “innovation based on tradition,” a motto that our workforce takes to heart and puts into practice. That is why we consistently succeed with new products and ideas that influence existing markets or create new markets. Today, Zentis products are an indispensable part of many consumers’ everyday lives.

We manufacture under the strictest standards and are aware of our responsibility not only to food safety and quality but also to social and environmental issues.

This ensures that our products meet the rigorous company and customer standards. This claim is our objective and at the same time our commitment, as well as that of each and every one of our 2.000 employees worldwide on a daily basis.