We love our products and we love making them. This statement defines our company’s values and is as important to every Zentis employee as our high quality standards. We treat each other fairly, openly and with trust. We are pragmatic and prefer flat hierarchies with a short chain of command.

Zentis is a way of life for our employees. This is reflected by our low turnover rate and average term of employment over 16 years. We offer all employees professional development opportunities and we turn to our own staff to fill management positions. Even in times of increasing industrialization and globalization, our core HR policy is to regard our staff as the company’s most important asset. Our employees are the driving force that gives Zentis its competitive edge. Our decisions are socially responsible and fair, with a clear expectation of success.

We have increasingly expanded our commitment to professional development. We encourage and support our staff to participate in further development and training courses. We also developed company health management program in 2000.

Company benefits go well beyond any collective bargaining regulations. In addition to a company pension program – and various bonuses on specific occasions – we also pay employees an annual bonus linked to company performance.