About us - When inner values matter

Its many years of experience and high efficiency have made Zentis one of the largest European fruit processors and powerful partners of the international confectionery and baked product industry. When it comes to fruit, Zentis has stood for high-quality products and innovative concepts for over 100 years.

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Know-How with Respect to Fruits

In addition to proven standard recipes, Zentis, with its many years of experience and extensive know-how with respect to fruits, continues to deliver strong impulses for innovative, marketable product concepts.

Quality is in the Detail

In addition to numerous innovative ideas, it is primarily its systematic adherence to quality policy that has made Zentis one of the leading European suppliers of the fruit processing industry.

Our Quality Standard – Your Benefit:

  • A modern quality management system leads to the best results.

  • Strict quality controls throughout the entire processing chain ensure a consistently high product quality.

  • Only carefully checked fruits and raw materials are processed – for full enjoyment.

  • Modern production technology makes the gentle processing of the raw materials utilized possible.

  • The highest level of food safety is guaranteed by strict hygiene guidelines and numerous testing procedures.

In 1993, Zentis was one of the first German companies to be awarded the DIN ISO 9001 certification. In 2002, this distinction was replaced by the IFS (International Featured Standard) certification and has been continuously followed ever since. We have always passed the IFS audit with the “highest level”. Our factory in Poland is IFS certified, our factories in Aachen are IFS and FSSC certified. Our other production facilities in Hungary and the US also follow the associated standards strictly.

Innovation from Tradition

In a rapidly changing market, “time to market” is the key phrase for the success of new products.

As an innovative partner, we adapt to the demands of the market and those of our customers. Highly qualified and motivated development teams do their best when it comes to turning the first ideas about innovative fillings or preparations for modern baked and confectionery products into marketable products.

Our main development division is located in Aachen, at the headquarters of Zentis.

Country-specific developments are made possible by working in close collaboration with our production facilities and development divisions in Poland, Hungary, Russia and the US. Both knowledge about the local markets as well as the most recent international trends are incorporated into the development. In addition, our presence at these locations guarantees a rapid, flexible execution and supply.

You can profit from our “extra” knowledge. In addition to our knowledge of the international market, our customers value primarily the close interconnection of our R&D specialists as well as our many years of know-how in the sensitive areas of the milk, baking and confectionery product industries.

Let us talk about what we can develop for you.