Our wide assortment offers almost unlimited possibilities and refines a wide variety of baked and confectionery products.
Discover our extensive offering - of the best Zentis quality:

  • Fruit and creme fillings
  • Toppings and special fillings
  • Fine and creamy or highly chunky
  • Bake- and/or freezer-stable
  • Innovative glazes
  • Jelly preparations
  • Fine raw marzipan paste as well as blended pastes

Specially developed, particularly gentle manufacturing methods guarantee a full fruit flavor and the best aroma with all of the preparations.

Bake-stable fruit fillings. Before baking
Special fillings. After baking. Also for confectionery products.
Marzipan. For filling and decorating pastries before and after baking and for confectionery products
Jelly preparations