Our wide range of Zentis Ingredients Crunchy Bits and flavourings can be combined in countless ways and make entirely new product concepts possible.

Discover our wide and varied range of top-quality Zentis products:

Crunchy Bits

  • With a variety of centres such as cornflakes, rice crispies or biscuits
  • With different shapes (including balls, stars and hearts)
  • With various coatings such as chocolate or yoghurt
  • With or without glaze

Sweet flavourings

  • Natural or nature-identical
  • Soluble in water or oil
  • Available in Warm Flavours (ranging from cake to toffee flavour) and every fruit flavour, whether local, seasonal or exotic.

We will also be delighted to create the optimum product for you.

Crunchy Bits
Sweet flavourings