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Company name: Zentis GmbH & Co. KG
Managing Directors Karl-Heinz Johnen, Dietmar Otte, Stephan Jansen
Purpose of the business Manufacture of fruit products for the dairy and bakery industries as well as the manufacture of jams, sweet creams and confectionery for the trade
Legal form Personally liable partner: Zentis-Beteiligungs-Ges. mbH, Head office: Aachen,
Commercial Register Aachen 963
Employees 1.131 employees

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The history of the Franz Zentis jam and confectionery business began on 20 June 1893 when Franz Zentis set up a colonial produce and food business on the Adalbertsteinweg in Aachen. Whereas at the start, Zentis supplied smaller shops and predominantly bakeries in the locality of the city of Aachen, today it is a global enterprise.

The food merchant began production of the FAMOS apricot jam as far back as 1900. This fine apricot jam without syrup quickly became a branded product and it was this innovative delicacy that laid the foundation for the large and successful company that is Zentis.

In 1917 the premises on the Adalbertsteinweg became too small for the constantly growing company and Zentis moved into premise on the Jülicher Strasse, where the company's head office is still located today. From 1930 onwards, the company concentrated solely on the production of jam in this plant. Following the Second World War, almost 80% of the plant was destroyed but rebuilding started immediately after the war in 1946/47.

The production of the finest confectionary products was added to the range in 1954. Whereas the emphasis was predominantly on chocolate products in the early years, over time this section of the company began to specialise more and more on the production of the finest marzipan products for seasonal business, as well as raw mass products for the processing industry.

The production range was further extended towards the end of the Sixties when Zentis started to manufacture fruit preparations for the milk-processing industry. The company quickly developed to become a professional partner with a high level of innovation. Distributing to almost 100% of all European dairies, Zentis today has the largest market share for fruit preparations for yoghurt, quark, desserts and bakery products.

Growing internationalisation extended the company's customer base and, as a result, international awareness of the Zentis brand grew thanks to deliveries to the European market since 1980. This continuous growth had a positive effect on the expansion of production and on 14 December 1993, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Zentis, the company outsourced and built a new confectionery production plant in Aachen Eilendorf. After a short construction period of only 17 months, confectionery production started up in Eilendorf on 1 June 1995.

Any company wanting to break through growth thresholds must also cross geographical borders. Expansion in Poland in 1997, Hungary in 2000 and Russia in 2003 illustrate Zentis' position in the international market. Zentis' subsidiary companies in Poland and Hungary produce fruit preparations for the Eastern European market. Zentis Russia provides a direct contact for new customers in the Eastern European region, as the principle task of this subsidiary company is the sale of fruit preparations and confectionery in the Eastern European region.

Since 2006 Zentis has also been represented on the American continent. The successful production at the Plymouth plant in Indiana started in 2007. In late 2012, with the acquisition of the American company Sweet Ovations LLC, Zentis is now finally able to take another significant step toward global expansion. With two strategically located plants near customers – on the West Coast in Gardena, California, and on the East Coast in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Zentis is ideally positioned to consistently access the US market as well as new international markets.