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Company Information

Company name Zentis Polska Sp. z o. o.
Managing Directors Ireneusz Lichota
Purpose of the business Production and sale of fruit preparations and savoury preparations
Legal form Limited liability company
Employees 278 employees


Zentis - Polish Site Development 

Zentis Polska Sp.z.o.o. was set up in Warsaw in 1995.
Two years later in 1997, the production of fruit preparations started up in Żelków near Siedlce. Zentis Polska grew over the following years to become a leading fruit preparations producer in Poland. 

The company's head office relocated in 2002 from Warsaw to Żelkwów and Zentis Polska was awarded ISO 9001 and HACCP certification.

Today Zentis Polska is the largest producer of fruit preparations for the dairy and bakery industries in Central and Eastern Europe and exports fruit preparations to over 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Many years of experience and important work in the fruit preparation sector have made Zentis a trusted and reliable partner in the food industry for the dairy, bakery and confectionery sectors.

The success of our business is based on close collaboration with our customers and together we have developed innovative and unique concepts. Our objective is to support our customers in extending their range and to establish new and successful products on the market. Every year hundreds of dairy products appear in the European market, created in close cooperation with Zentis' development departments. Many of these products have been awarded prestigious prizes at trade fairs and in other competitions.

Zentis Polska works with the Faculty of Food Education at the Warminsko-Mazurski University. The Zentis Polska plant has also been distinguished for the development of a program for technical advice in the metering and mixing of fruit preparations with dairy products for customers. Zentis Polska manufactures not just fruit alone, but also herb and vegetable components that are used in many products throughout Europe.

Since 2007, Zentis has also been represented on the American continent, with a successful production startup at the Plymouth plant in Indiana. In late 2012, with the acquisition of the American company Sweet Ovations LLC, Zentis is now finally able to take another significant step toward global expansion. With two strategically located plants near customers – on the West Coast in Gardena, California, and on the East Coast in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Zentis is ideally positioned to consistently access the US market as well as new international markets.

The extensive and varied range of Zentis Polska includes:

  • Fruit preparations
  • Savoury preparations
  • Fruit sauces with pieces of fruit
  • Ovenproof and freezer-proof fruit fillings
  • Fruit fillings sieved or containing pieces of fruit
  • Ovenproof and freezer-proof fillings
  • Fillings for chocolate, pralines, fruit jelly for biscuits