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Company Information 

Company name OOO Zentis Russia
Managing Director Johannes Peter Schönhuber, Managing Director
Purpose of the business Sale of fruit preparations and confectionery
Legal form Limited liability company
Main business Wholesale
Employees 47 employees

Zentis Site Development

Zentis' corporate history goes a long way back to 1883 when on 20 June of the same year Frank Zentis opened a food store in the German city of Aachen in the Adalbertsteinweg. The food merchant began production of the FAMOS apricot jam as far back as 1900. This fine apricot jam without syrup quickly became a branded product and it was this innovative delicacy that laid the foundation for the large and successful company that is Zentis .

Some years later in 1954, the company extended its range with confectionery products and sweets. This expansion was not to be the last and at the end of the Sixties the company's product range was further extended. This time the expansion was into fruit preparations for the milk industry that Zentis included in its product range. This continuous production expansion had a very positive effect on production capacity and went hand in hand with the company's expansion abroad.

Accordingly the Zentis Polska plant started operations in 1997 in the town of Zelkow (Poland). In 2000 the Zentis Hungária production plant was opened. Subsidiary companies are now producing fruit preparations for the Eastern European market at both sites.

Alongside Poland and Hungary, Zentis continued to expand towards Russia and on 26 April 2002 opened the subsidiary company OOO Zentis Russia. The setting up of OOO Zentis Russia enabled the company to expand its existing sales system and continue to develop the Eastern European market. New business partners in Russia can now deal directly with OOO Zentis Russia. This subsidiary's main business is in the distribution and sale of fruit, vegetable, cereal fruit preparations for dairies and bakeries, for the production of ice cream, almond bread, savoury tasting preparations for sauces and mayonnaise in Russia and in the CIS countries.
The warehouse is located in Ramenskij Rayon near Moscow and the company's head office is in the town of Khimki near Moscow.

Since 2007, Zentis has also been represented on the American continent, with a successful production startup at the Plymouth plant in Indiana.

In late 2012, with the acquisition of the American company Sweet Ovations LLC, Zentis is now finally able to take another significant step toward global expansion. With two strategically located plants near customers – on the West Coast in Gardena, California, and on the East Coast in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Zentis is ideally positioned to consistently access the US market as well as new international markets.

Logistics Information

  • OOO Zentis Russia has been the stand-alone supplier to FCA since June 2009 with fruit preparations from Poland. The company has a licence for foreign transport and has authorisation to conclude international freight forwarding contracts (TIR carnet). Chilled trailers were procured for the aforementioned project, with which the requisite temperature conditions can be met in line with the specified delivery conditions. Every chilled trailer is equipped with a satellite tracking system.

  • In consultation with our customers, fruit preparations are delivered to end customers in our transport vehicles. This means that Zentis Russia produce can be delivered in the shortest time and without a middle-man directly from the manufacturer to the purchaser. It is possible with the aid of this logistics system to deliver produce undamaged to customers.
  • The existing sales and service system is being continuously expanded by OOO Zentis Russia. The company offers a broad range of products that are geared directly to the individual requirements of customers, with excellent product quality being guaranteed in the Russian consumer market that takes into consideration continuously changing trends.
  • Zentis Russia performs import and export customs clearance of all goods.