Zentis - USA

Zentis North America LLC, Overview

Managing Director Thomas Ginschel, CEO / President        
Locations Plymouth, IN; Philadelphia, PA; Gardena, CA        
Plant Capabilities R&D recipe development and manufacturer of fruit & savory preparations, bases and finished products such as toppings, syrups, fillings, sauces, and icings serving the dairy, bakery, beverage, confectionary and food service industries. Specialties include handling of allergens, chocolate, and grains.        
Global Capabilities Retail jams, spreads & confectionary products, as well as crunchy cereals and popping boba (flavor pearls).        
Packaging Capabilities Stainless steel totes, Bag In Box, Bag In Drum, Pails & Flexible Pouches.        
Contact Us E-Mail: info@zentis.com, Phone: 1-773-977-7245        

Zentis North America - Expertise

  • Zentis North America operations are flexible and far reaching. For example, the company has already become an innovative partner-supplier to the U.S. dairy, bakery, ice cream and beverage industries. Our first-class reputation within these key industries is based on thorough product and market knowledge and expertise. To that we add the latest innovative production technologies and a consistently applied high standard of quality assurance.

  • Zentis North America is a pioneering partner in research and development. Truly meaningful market innovation is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. We understand world-class, first-class customer service and make our unique R&D resources available to customers. We also organize our R&D teams according to customer requirements, so we more closely meet our partners’ product objectives.

  • A true partner, Zentis North America acts as a direct extension of its customer’s business. We conduct cost-efficient panel tests and market research to identify consumer demands and analyze market situations and conditions. This process also identifies trend indicators so we can quickly address market changes. We believe Zentis creates true added value through this additional step and outstanding customer service. Likewise, our thorough market studies help both parties assess a new product’s potential for success – before it is launched. Our ultimate goal is always to provide our customers with a clear competitive market advantage.

Zentis North America - the flexible partner for your success.

Zentis History

Zentis’ jam and confectionery business traces its history back to June 20, 1893, when Franz Zentis set up a colonial produce and food shop in Aachen, Germany. In the early years Zentis supplied fruit preparations to Aachen’s smaller local shops and bakeries, and today it has grown into a global enterprise.

Franz Zentis’ started producing his well-known FAMOS apricot jam in 1900. Developed using a proprietary recipe without syrup, this fine apricot jam quickly became a well known product. It was this innovative delicacy that laid the foundation for the large and successful company that is Zentis.

Zentis expanded it product lines to include fine confectionery and chocolate items in 1954. Over time the company began specializing in marzipan products. It produced consumer marzipan specialties for its own seasonal business, as well as marzipan raw materials for its industrial customers.

Zentis next extended its product lines in the late ‘60s, when it began developing fruit preparations for the dairy industry. Soon, the company became regarded as an innovative, professional partner to the industry.

Zentis now supplies nearly all the European dairies and holds the largest market share for fruit preparations in yogurt and dairy products as well as other related desserts and bakery goods.

Looking for continued growth opportunities, Zentis next decided to expand beyond its local geographical borders, and in the late ‘90s, Zentis established a Polish subsidiary, Zentis POLSKA Sp. z o. o. in Zelków. Again in 2000 Zentis further extended its global network with the opening of Zentis DRÉGELYVAR Kft. in Dregelypalánk, Hungary. Both of these operations manufacture fruit preparations for the dairy and bakery industries.

In 2003 Zentis formed LLC Zentis RUSSIA to reach new customers in the Eastern Europe. Today, this subsidiary represents Zentis all fruit preparations and confectionery sales to the Eastern European region.

Zentis established its first U.S. operation in December 2006, when it created Zentis Food Solutions North America, to manufacture and supply fruit preparations to the North American dairy industry. The plant is located Plymouth, IN (90 miles east of Chicago). Today, the Plymouth facility employs 244 people and handles all supply chain matters, from fruit sourcing to finished product packaging and distribution. Zentis North America has already established a reputation for developing innovative product and market ideas as well as supplying consistent quality assurance. It has become a successful processed fruit supplier throughout the North American market.

In late 2012, Zentis acquired Sweet Ovations LLC which now allows the company to take another significant step in expanding its global network. The acquisition of Sweet Ovations provides Zentis with two strategically located plants: one on the West Coast in Gardena, California, and another on the East Coast in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These additional facilities ideally position Zentis to consistently access the U.S. market as well as new international markets.