Want to know what drives us? We develop perfect products for perfect customer satisfaction. 

We believe that a close partnership between customers and suppliers is essential. It helps us develop our innovative manufacturing processes. Moreover, this close cooperation helps us remain flexible – even as we process delicate fruit to your exacting requirements.

Our wide range of dairy industry fruit preparations offers virtually unlimited opportunities for new products or product enhancements. No matter whether we help select the right fruit, create the right new formula or deliver the perfect finished ingredient – we stand ready to support your latest new offering or a proven, standard recipe.

Every day, we develop country-specific product solutions. Likewise, we’re also known for several successful concepts that span the globe. These include innovations such as Chocolate Pieces (Splits), preparations involving pieces of cake or even crunchy cereals. You can find examples of these Zentis achievements worldwide and see how they have had a long-term market impact.

Come be inspired as you discover Zentis’ wide and varied range traditional fruity or savory preparations! We can help with Functional Food Warm Flavour or Natural/organic products. We like to think in totally new dimensions!

And how may we help you?

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