Quality management

Proven innovation and stringent quality assurance practices together have made Zentis one of Europe’s most important fruit processing companies.

Our company and products keep pace with rising quality requirements. We achieve this through in-process quality management activities, regular monitoring and certification. We believe in a close exchange of information with external experts and welcome review by independent testing facilities.

Zentis’ uncompromising quality assurance system applies to all of our production facilities. It runs through the entire process like a golden thread, starting at the raw material’s country of origin and finishing with the end product delivery. Our approach to quality control starts with state-of-the-art production equipment and comprehensive product analysis technologies. More importantly, we have a specially trained and qualified workforce, whose experience and commitment ensure Zentis’ top quality at all times.

Zentis believes HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is an important food safety tool and we routinely conduct hazard analysis reviews of our entire production process. We ensure safe production and high product quality by using comprehensive preventive measures and process monitoring at pre-determined control points.

Our business is subject to some natural fluctuations because nature itself is our raw materials supplier. However, to guarantee long-term, consistent high quality, Zentis applies a broad-based quality assurance system that starts when we select those raw materials.

Longstanding and trusting collaboration with our suppliers – including auditing – is one way we guarantee sustained quality. Moreover, all raw materials first undergo strict sensory analysis for such properties as appearance, smell and taste during an incoming goods inspection. We also conduct numerous chemical, physical and microbiological tests. Zentis also uses external specialists’ laboratories and experts to ensure impartial and reliable assessments at all times. The end result? Raw materials can only enter the Zentis production process after they have been inspected and approved.

An important component of Zentis’ quality control policy is the in-process quality control program, which spans the entire production process. Our goal is to ensure that all products ultimately meet Zentis’ own exacting requirements, as well as those of our customers. We use interdepartmental IPCs (in-process controls), and continuous, stringent monitoring through every step of the production process. Only this way can we meet strict food legislation and US regulation requirements.

We complete our final stage of continuous monitoring with outgoing goods control measures. Here once again, we test all products against our sensory, microbiological and analytical quality parameters. Only then will we deliver product to retail or processing customers. 


Zentis is constantly updating and optimizing its quality control system. Our products – and the quality assurance process itself – are subject to regular monitoring.

Every year, we invite external certification organizations to evaluate our in-house processes. This is yet another important step to ensure that we properly implement and apply quality control measures to meet the requirements of the International Featured Standard Food (IFS) protocol. In addition to food safety, we also adhere to industry best practices involving personal and workplace hygiene, total traceability and continuous workforce training.

Since 1993, Zentis has earned a higher level for each examination from the IFS. This means we have achieved the best marks for the best quality throughout the entire production process for almost 20 years. This gives us a strong incentive to continue along the same path in the future.