Supplier management

Zentis only collaborates with select suppliers who ensure a continuous supply of high quality raw materials. Zentis’ general specifications, which form a mandatory part of any contract, stipulate several fundamental supplier requirements. These include:

  • A comprehensive, functioning HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
  • A comprehensive plan to prevent foreign objects from entering raw materials during production, processing, packaging, storage and/or transport
  • Integration of possible pre-suppliers and harvesting conditions into this scheme.

We work at the source level to reduce foreign objects within the fruit, such as stones and pips, or fragments thereof. We believe this practice further enhances raw material quality.

Zentis does not tolerate foreign materials such as metal, plastic or insects and we assign a zero tolerance status to these objects in our raw material specifications. We visit suppliers routinely and frequently to ensure their quality capabilities meet Zentis’ strict requirements at all times.