Our identity

Passion for fruit – from the very beginning.

We take delight in fruit. We appreciate its diversity and the wonderful array of flavours it offers. Our fruit experts have years of experience, so they know where the best fruit grows and when it has to be harvested. They travel the world, so we always find the most delicious fruit.

  • 1893 Zentis founded
  • 608 million € Group turnover 2020
  • 2.034 employees 2020

Are you the jam, marmalade or fruit spread type? A Product Guide.

When people talk about jam, they almost always mean preserves or fruity spreads. Our Product Guide tells you what the subtle differences are, as well as lots more about this delectable theme. It also tells you something about the quality ingredients in almond nougat spread, where good chocolate comes from and what makes fine marzipan so special.