Data privacy

Our data privacy statement

We are pleased you have visited our website. If we obtain personal information through your use, we assure you we will use this information with the greatest possible security and exclusively within the framework of applicable statutory provisions. For this purpose we comply in particular with the regulations of the German Data Protection Act and the German Telemedia Act.

1. Processing personal details

Zentis only collects personal data when you inform us of this voluntarily. This can be the case, for example, if you take part in competitions or subscribe to a newsletter. Personal data includes your address and additional data, if applicable, which can relate to your bank details in the event any payments are necessary. We will use the data transmitted by you exclusively to implement and process the competition or to send you the information you desire. If you do not want this anymore or when a competition is complete, your data will not be used any further and will be deleted after the expiry of the retention periods specified in statutory provisions. Anything to the contrary will only apply if you give us express permission for the further use of your data. Zentis will on no account sell or forward your personal data to third parties for other reasons.

2. Cookies

Cookies are files that are stored on your computer if you permit this or if your browser has been set accordingly. Cookies are used exclusively for statistical purposes in an anonymous form. Thus cookies do not involve personal data. In order to use the Zentis internet site, it is necessary to permit cookies. Zentis points out, however, that certain information that is tailored to the user will only be available if no objection has been made to setting cookies. Zentis expressly points out that you can set up your browser so that cookies cannot be deposited on your hard disk drive or that cookies already deposited can be deleted (so-called "opt-out").

3. Right to information and objection

You can revoke your authorisation to use your personal data at any time in the future. Please send revocations to: Zentis GmbH & Co. KG, Der Datenschutzbeauftragte, Jülicher Str. 177, 52070 Aachen, oder by E-Mail to:

4. Web analysis

In order to optimise our website and to adjust to the changing habits and technical conditions of our users, we use so-called web analysis tools. For this purpose, for example, we measure which areas are visited by users, whether the information searched for is easy to find etc. This information is only interpretable and meaningful at all when a larger group of users is considered. To do this the data collected is aggregated, i.e. put together into larger units. We can thus adjust the design of pages or optimise content if, for example, we identify that a relevant proportion of visitors use new technologies or cannot find available information or only with difficulty.Zentis does not form any profiles of its visitors. Data is not misused to e.g. direct targeted advertising to former visitors to our website. Therefore we are interested neither in the behaviour of an individual, nor which person is behind this. Through structural measures (separating databases and responsibilities), we ensure that statistics data that we collect and process for web analysis purposes does not include personal data at any time and cannot be connected with such data.The web analysis solution ‘Odoscope’ is integrated in this CMS (Content-Management-System) solution. This analysis tool is neither in the position nor was it developed to evaluate user activities in a person related manner.

5. Social Media

Zentis uses social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. Please note that Zentis only uses these sites and posts content on them, but does not operate them and is not responsible for them. The operators responsible for these sites may be based in third countries outside the European Union, such as the USA, in which case they will not be subject to the provisions of German and European data protection law. Accordingly, if you click through to these sites, you should assume that data related to your usage and any other data you provide may be stored by these operators even if you have not given express permission for them to do so.