Preparations for dairy products

We aspire to the highest standards: yours.

Classic fruit preparations

Chunky or finely puréed: we can make you the ideal dairy-fruit combination.


The equivalent to fruit preparations in numerous heart-warming flavours. 

Cereal preparations

The crunchy answer to eating, health and convenience trends.

Dairy Splits

From the inventor of stable Schokosplits: crunchy chocolate pieces that don’t melt in milk.

Choco Sprinkles

Made using Zentis’ patented technology for splits (pieces): fine, stable chocolate powder.

Crunchy cereals – stable

Chocolate-coated cereal balls for lovers of the perfect convenient snack.

Coated bits – for multi-compartment pots

These little delicacies complete your dairy products in an instant.

Cake & biscuit pieces

Others offer apple strudel as a flavour. We offer it as an ingredient.


Enriches your long-life products such as milk, blancmange, and semolina to include sophisticated ideas. 


We can extend this product segment to include your particular recipes very easily.


Extend your dairy dishes to include deliciously fruity mousse surprises.

Functional food

Lots of fruit and vegetables can increase your wellbeing – and your sales.

Spicy preparations

We can also master the use of herbs, cheese & vegetables for you.


Make use of our full expertise for fruit preparations in certified organic quality. 

Baby food

We can also delight your youngest target group.


Zentis also supplies kosher fruit preparations and fruit preparations suitable for Passover.