Quality management

We don’t just believe in what’s good, we believe in the best.

Zentis is one of Europe’s foremost fruit processors. Our success is based on our ability to innovate and our absolutely uncompromising quality policy. This encompasses process quality management as well as regular checks and certifications involving external experts and independent testing facilities. The latest production facilities, comprehensive analysis equipment, and specially trained employees ensure that Zentis quality is permanent and seamless, from the origin of its raw materials to delivery of the final product. But that alone is not enough. We proactively safeguard quality. We perform daily preventative checks on bulletins issued by the RASFF European rapid-warning system (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed), which allows us to keep a close eye on what’s happening in food safety. Our clients appreciate our knowledge lead because it means more safety for them, and for us too. We also obtain information from professional associations, universities, external laboratories, consumer forums, and customer platforms, and we gather food knowledge that is actively requested by industry associations.

The HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is another food safety instrument that we utilize. It involves subjecting the entire production process to a regular risk analysis. Comprehensive preventative measures and the monitoring of processes at defined checkpoints guarantee safe production and the quality of the products. Quality assurance also means minimizing the natural fluctuations to which raw materials are subject. We have been working for years with our suppliers and their auditors, which helps us to keep quality consistently high. Our raw materials are also checked when we receive them, and chemically examined by external industry laboratories. Only goods that have been approved enter production. The next stage in the Zentis quality concept is the the production process checks. In-process monitoring, which spans all our departments, ensures that every Zentis product complies with the legal regulations and the significantly higher quality standards that we and our customers impose. All of our products are tested once again using sensory, microbiological, and analytical quality parameters when they leave the factory. Only then do they enter retail or the processing industry.


Quality assurance is a process of continuous improvement. That’s why even our quality assurance system itself is checked annually by external certification organizations, in compliance with the requirements of International Featured Standard Food (IFS) and Food Safety System Certification 22000:2010 (FSSC). Tests and evaluations include components on food safety, staff and operational hygiene, full traceability, and continuous staff training. The result? Zentis has achieved the ‘Higher Level’ top rating at every IFS assessment since 1993.