Supplier management

Quality begins with your choice of partner.

Zentis only works with cartefully selected, long-standing trading partners so as to ensure that its raw materials are of consistently high quality. Our suppliers all comply with the requirements of Zentis’ general specifications.

This means they have:

  • a comprehensive and functioning HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
  • a comprehensive approach to avoiding foreign objects during production, packaging, storage and transport of products
  • guaranteed to include all of their suppliers and harvesting conditions in this system

Our aim is to reduce the number of fruit-related foreign objects such as pips and fragments of pips in advance, thereby further improving the quality of the raw goods. Zentis does not tolerate any foreign objects that do not originate in fruit. Despite our long-standing business relationships, we regularly perform on-site tests to ensure our suppliers are still able to meet our strict quality stipulations.