We evolved from years of experience and the dynamism of a medium-sized business.

Zentis Logistik Service GmbH was founded on 27 November 1998 as a subsidiary of Zentis GmbH & Co. KG. This allowed us to combine our years of experience with the dynamism of a medium-sized enterprise, enabling us to respond especially flexibly to the rising demands of the growing logistics market.

Quality, sustainability and innovation make us successful.

The importance of logistic services at Zentis has grown in recent years through business with external clients. Success factors in logistics lie above all in quality, sustainability and innovation. All of the transport undertaken by Zentis Logistik Service GmbH complies with DIN EN ISO 9001 and the International Food Standard (IFS).


Expertise and technology

Modern tractor units as a foundation for modern logistics.

Thanks to regular training, our truck drivers are professionals in handling sensitive foods.

All of our tractor units and trailers are fitted with GPS-assisted telematics systems. This allows us to constantly monitor vehicle positions and statuses, and to track temperature seamlessly, which is essential in the transporting of fresh goods.

Our technical workshop allows us to ensure that our vehicles remain in perfect technical condition and cleanliness.

We’re very much aware of our responsibility to the environment. Our young fleet already consists of many modern, ecologically advanced EURO6 vehicles.


A dynamic success story


Extension of procurement logistics (sugar, hazelnut paste).


Dirk Bloch starts as the new managing director and replaces the former managing director Andreas Biermeier.

Takeover of the Castrop-Rauxel warehouse by Thomsen & Marnet Logistics GmbH and cessation of operations in the warehouse in Rosbach discontinued.


Commissioning another reloading point at Rosbach with a storage capacity of 900 m².


Building and commissioning an outside warehouse at Castrop-Rauxel with a storage capacity of 2,000 m².


Logistics incorporated into the Zentis Group as fifth strategic business area.


The Zentis fleet now has 80 vehicles and drives over 10 million kilometres each year.


Zentis Logistik Service GmbH begins regular fresh goods transport services.


A hitch concept we designed ourselves for optimising efficiency is registered as a patent and the fleet continues to be extended on the basis of the concept.


Our Jülicher Straße premises became too small for the expanding company. In August 2002, Zentis Logistik Service GmbH moved to a new, modern logistics building at Plant 2 in Aachen-Eilendorf.


Zentis Logistik Service GmbH’s operative business started with 42 vehicles.

1998, November

By launching Zentis Logistik Service GmbH, managing director Karl-Heinz Johnen used the opportunity to reorganise Zentis Logistics to suit a new market situation. Andreas Biermeier was made a managing director alongside Karl-Heinz Johnen.

1998, July

A reform of the German Road Haulage Law (GüKG) comes into force, reorganising and liberalising the European transport market.

Up to 1998

The Zentis fleet combines years of experience in factory transport.

Freshness from the very beginning.