Our business is in premium quality custom transport solutions.

We’re an expert partner to the loading industry with our innovative ideas and top-level service. We specialise in procurement and distribution logistics for the food industry, and we can draw upon a wealth of experience in handling sensitive goods.

How does the food industry benefit from us?

The food industry often uses load-carrying units whose shape and volume are not conducive to optimum vehicle packing. For example, in the past, stainless steel containers had to be shipped back empty, which was anything but economical. We’ve surmounted this challenge with a pioneering load optimisation concept. We spent months working on a tailor-made solution with the aim of significantly increasing productivity.


Our own workshop keeps our fleet in good shape.

In our own vehicle workshop, which includes a washing station and fuelling facilities, we ensure that our vehicles are well equipped for use and quickly repaired if they do break down.

As a mechanical workshop we also undertake services for other companies by prior arrangement.

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