Company profile

Zentis GmbH & Co. KG

Zentis stands for first-class products, an uncompromising quality policy and a genuine passion for fruit. The company's commitment to continuous development, coupled with outstanding innovative strength, has made Zentis one of Europe's leading fruit processors. Zentis is an indispensable partner and driving force for trade, the international dairy industry and the confectionery and bakery industry. Zentis combines the craftsmanship of a family business rich in tradition with the high standard of always making the best out of fruit - this is also appreciated by consumers. Innovative product concepts from Zentis offer premium-quality taste experiences and, with its jams, it is the powerful number 2 in the sales ranking.

The Zentis areas of competence are: Fruit preparations for the dairy industry and for non dairy (e.g. the bakery and confectionery industry), sweet spreads (quality jams, jellies and sweet creams for trade and bulk consumers) and confectionery (marzipan, chocolate and cereals specialities for trade and industry). In 2020, group sales amounted to around Euro 608 million. The dairy industry accounted for 64.4 percent of this and sweet spreads for 14.3 percent. The share of confectionery was 6.6 percent, for non dairy products 13.7 percent.

The company employs more than 2,000 people worldwide.

Anyone who stops continuing to improve has stopped being good

Zentis is a dynamic company and is successfully expanding into international markets. Zentis has a broad global presence and supplies almost all markets in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and Oceania with special fruit preparations for the processing industry. Zentis also covers large parts of the South American market. Overall, exports account for 56 percent of the total.

Zentis maintains production facilities and subsidiaries in the most important markets in order to respond quickly and effectively to the specific needs of local customers.

  • In Germany, two plants in Aachen with more than 1,000 employees produce fruit preparations for the dairy, bakery and confectionery industries, jams, sweet creams and sweets.
  • In addition to the production and sales companies, Zentis Logistik Service GmbH also forms an integral part of the group. It operates 39 specialised trucks for food transport in the fresh and frozen food sector. Zentis Logistik Service GmbH is based at Plant 2 Aachen - Eilendorf.
  • In Hungary, Zentis Hungaria Bt. in Drégelypalánk produces fruit preparations for the dairy, ice-cream and bakery industries.
  • In Poland, Zentis Polska Sp. z.o.o. in Zelków produces fruit preparations for the dairy, ice-cream and bakery industries.
  • In the USA, Zentis North America LLC produces fruit preparations for the dairy, ice-cream and bakery industries at three locations. The production facilities are located in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Plymouth (Indiana) and Gardena (California) on the west coast.
  • In Russia, OOO Zentis Russia sells fruit preparations for the dairy, ice-cream and bakery industries as well as confectionery in Moscow and Raos.

At Zentis everything revolves around the fruit

Innovative spirit and creative ideas enable Zentis to open up new business fields and develop tailor-made product concepts. Ground breaking production and processing technologies are developed in partnership with industrial customers. This close cooperation - from the initial idea through to market maturity - is the foundation of our success and makes Zentis a business-to-business specialist and idea provider on a national and international level.

Leading dairies in Germany and Europe rely on the unparalleled expertise of Zentis and its uncompromising quality policy. The processed fruits impart their authentic fruity taste to yoghurt, fruit quark and other dairy products. And also stable cereals and stable chocolate chips, which are stirred directly into the products, or chocolate-coated cereals such as flakes or chocolate balls for 2-chamber products from Aachen refine almost every dairy product.

The traditional Aachen-based company also produces raw mass for the bakery and confectionery industries. The range extends from baking and freezing stable fruit and cream fillings and the flexible marzipan masses that can be used before baking to fruit fillings, jams, cream and special fillings, glazes and decorations for filling, applying, processing and refining after baking.

Those who sow quality reap success

Zentis' significant market position and entrepreneurial success are based on a consistent quality policy that aims not merely to measure up to market standards but to exceed them. The raw product is inspected with the same attention to detail as all work processes right up to filling. Strict adherence to strict hygiene regulations is a matter of course. Zentis was one of the first companies to be certified compliant with DIN ISO 9001. This certification has since been superseded by the specific food standard IFS (International Featured Standard Food). Since 1993, Zentis has been awarded certification at "higher level" or “A” grade for every IFS audit and therefore received top marks for best quality in the entire production process. Since 2011, Zentis has also been certified according to the requirements of Food Safety System Certification 22000: 2010 (FSSC). In addition to food safety, personnel and operational hygiene, continuous traceability and continuous training of employees are important components.

Anyone who thinks progressively must act sustainably

The valuable raw materials that Zentis processes come from the natural environment. For this reason, Zentis has an inherent obligation to treat this most important supplier with respect and care. This starts with the consequential saving of energy, waste and water. Zentis permanently keeps energy costs at a low level and therefore is able to support a sustainable approach to business. Since May 2012, Zentis' energy-saving commitment has been regularly accredited with the ISO 50001:2011 certificate. Suppliers are checked for ecological and social compatibility.