Leichte Früchte

Unencumbered fruity enjoyment due to sophisticated sweetening with stevia.
"Leichte Früchte" is the name of Zentis' innovative product concept that sweetens up your day in a delicious and,
above all, light way.

The stevia plant is considered to be a natural source of sweetness. The sweeteners extracted from its leaves are
300 times sweeter than sugar and yet have almost no calories.

As it is sweetened by a sophisticated and unique combination of stevia* and refined sugar, Leichte Früchte has 30% fewer calories in comparison with traditional jams and, at the same time, provides the usual delicious Zentis fruity enjoyment.  Leichte Früchte is perfect for everyone who attaches particular value to a healthy diet and ingredients with a natural origin.

The four irresistible varieties Strawberry, Apricot, Sour Cherry and Raspberry are available in a handy 235g jar.
This jar provides treats that are varied and always fresh - that's guaranteed!

It is that easy for every morning to be sweetened with a good feeling!

You can find information worth knowing about stevia, the new, light sweetener here.

* Steviol glycosides, extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant

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