Sonnen Früchte

A sun-ripened delicacy for every single day
So wonderfully fruity! A carefree pleasure – the way it should be.

It’s no coincidence that the name Zentis Sonnen Früchte means “sun fruits” – the carefully selected fruits from the finest growing regions really soak up the sun. You can taste every single sunbeam. These sun-ripened little miracles of nature are in safe hands with us!

Zentis employees are true fruit experts and know exactly how to carefully transform the delicious fruits into a unique, intense and fruity taste experience.

Great care and a real love of fruit go into making the exquisite Zentis Sonnen Früchte for your breakfast roll. A real treat every single morning with lots of delicious fruit chunks.

Zentis Sonnen Früchte is available in eight exquisite fruit varieties: strawberry, apricot, raspberry, sour cherry, fruits of the forest, sweet orange, blackcurrant and blueberry.

Available in a 295 g gourmet jar.